There could be some big changes on the horizon for Edmonton's Shaw Conference Centre. The facility insists that an expansion is necessary and they're asking for a study to work out the possibilities.

Shaw Conference Centre said due to a lack of space, they've had to turn away 12 events last year alone, which could have meant a 25 per cent boost in business.

"It's apparent that we're turning away business, we know that for sure," said general manager Michael Fitzpatrick. "That's a net loss in terms of economic benefit of about ten million dollars."

On Wednesday, the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation is set to ask city council to approve a study to look into options to possibly more than double the current space.

One idea that's been tossed around is to build a second building nearby. A second concept has stakeholders trying to work on a massive facility with developers of the downtown arena project.

"We should be talking to the arena people. I have no doubt they would want to probably have a conversation with us," said Fitzpatrick.

Mayor Stephen Mandel said he likes the idea of expanding the centre.

"They could go up, sure they could go up, they could go out, there's land around they could use," said Mandel.

But those around the River Valley are concerned over the possibility of expanding down the slope.

"You wouldn't want to lose the nature that's already there, the beauty that's already there, you'd wanna keep that as much as possible," said Edmontonians Sandra and Tim.

If the study is approved, the centre will put together a report with a recommendation on the best option.

The Shaw Conference Centre's last expansion back in 2006, cost close to $30 million and another expansion could be about six times more costly.

It's unknown at this time how much the facility could afford and whether taxpayers may end up footing some of the bill.

With files from Bill Fortier