EDMONTON -- A horse that was rescued from a pond last November is well on its way to a full recovery, its owner says.

“Things are healing really fast, knock on wood,” Lexi’s owner Natalia Teplova told CTV News Edmonton on Saturday.

Teplova feared her beloved horse wouldn’t survive after it fell through the ice of a pond on Nov. 23, 2019, where it spent several hours stuck in the water.

Lexi sustained extensive injuries, suffering extensive cuts along with severe frostbite.

“A significant amount of hide had to be removed and we started treating her as you would be treating a burn victim,” said Teplova.

Teplova has spent each night since the accident tending to Lexi’s wounds, including using a machine called the equi-vibe, which creates a vibration that transfers through the horses tissue.

“Getting the blood flow specifically to those lower extremities and helping with the healing, you'll begin to see the relaxation in the eyes, the quivering in the jaw,” said Diane Dyck with the Silverwind Equine Wellness.

Teplova is optimistic Lexi’s other treatment, red light therapy, will get her across the finish line and back to full health.

“I have good hopes that probably in a couple months I will probably be able to put a saddle on her. Saddle up and go for a ride.”

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Amanda Anderson