EDMONTON -- The tiny community of Armena, Alta., is still reeling from the death of 78-year-old Rose Nelson.

Nelson was found on Friday. RCMP say it was a homicide, and that a suspect was found over the weekend and now charged with murder.

Rose’s granddaughter wants her to be remembered for more than how her life ended.

“We just want people to know she was an amazing and compassionate person who spent all her life caring for others,” Jalene Mauws told CTV News Edmonton.

“She spread a little kindness wherever she went,” Mauws added.

One Armena resident said she worked with Rose for years as a nurse in the nearby City of Camrose.

“I knew her well enough to know that she was a good, hard working woman and she was a decent, really, really good person,” said Jeannie Dumont.

What locals don’t know is why someone came to Rose’s yellow bungalow beside Highway 21, sometime before she was discovered last week. Dumont wonders if her home just happened to be the place, by chance, where a vehicle full of fuel was needed at that moment.

“Such a bad luck on her part that he happened to get a low on gas by her place.”

Nicolas Dagenais, 23 years old and from Fort McMurray, was charged with murder and is scheduled to make a court appearance in Wetaskiwin on Nov. 26.

Armena is located approximately 75 kilometres southeast of Edmonton.