EDMONTON -- People are starting to cut and colour their own hair, with varying levels of success, and hair stylists want to help.

Trimmers, scissors and hair colour kits are the latest things to be in demand as people like Christina Duncan resort to cutting their own hair.

“The first time was a nightmare; this time wasn’t so bad but it’s still different lengths,” said Duncan.

Duncan has been less than pleased with her hair cutting efforts and unable to find glue for her hair extensions, but she is not alone.

There are numerous videos and pictures online showing successes and failures of home hair care, like CTV Calgary’s own Kevin Stanfield.

Kevin Stanfield haircut

While cuts may be top of mind for some, others are trying to colour their hair by themselves.

“You look at the box and you think, ‘This lady looks nice,’ and 90, 80 per cent of the time you don’t end up looking like that,” said Seham Elkadri, owner of The One salon. “However, we can help people, a video, a call, however it works.”

Elkadri and her staff are helping clients via Instagram and with colour mixes, but she is open to guiding people through the process of box colours.

“Especially women, they can definitely hold off on the cutting at a time like this but you’ve got to have the colour,” said Elkadri.

It is unknown at this time when hair salons will be able to re-open.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s David Ewasuk