EDMONTON -- A Sherwood Park family has curated an outdoor art exhibit featuring artists from all around their neighbourhood and dubbed it the "Nottingham Art Walk."

Posted up along the fence behind Hannah Bunsdon's house is more than 80 different pieces of art, with work from artists from professionals to 16-month-old beginners.

Brunsdon is one of the co-curators of the family-made exhibit and says they wanted to make something to help bring the community together during difficult times of self-isolation.

“We each made a piece, put it up on the fence and put up bags with little signs that say 'Your art here' in the hopes that people would would make their own pieces and add them, and the community responded with gusto as you can see," she said. "There's over 80 pieces today and it's been up for just under a month.”

Sherwood Park art fence

The local art walk has become so popular, neighbours have asked if it can become an annual event.

Brunsdon feels they've definitely succeeded helping to build a stronger sense of community in the neighbourhood.

“We’ve met lots of people who are now friends that we check in with, and when we walk on the path, they're like 'Oh, you're the artwork people,'" she said. "We've gotten to meet so many people and it's been so so just overwhelmingly positive and emotional to just be able to connect with all these people.”

The art walk is also aiming to raise cash donations for Edmonton's Food Bank. Brunsdon said her family will match up to $500 in donations.

Ice Cream cone art Sherwood Park