EDMONTON -- Call him the energizer boomer. A 73-year-old has walked the distance from his home to Chicago, without leaving Sherwood Park.

“I have not missed a day since March 19th.... rain, shine, snow I’ve been soaked many times. And the heat? Oh that’s the worst part, the heat last week”

Terry Fikowski started his daily steps on March 19 where the pandemic shut down his favourite gym.

What started as a way to stay active soon evolved into a quest to walk every single stretch of pavement in the city he’s called home for 50 years. 

“By July 12, I had finished walking every street every key hole crescent, condo project, apartment project, commercial area... everywhere In Sherwood park from the Anthony Henday to Highway 21 to highway 16 In the North and wye road in the south,” he said.

Incredibly, Fikowski hasn’t missed a single day of walking. That’s 145 consecutive days going 20,000 steps each time out. That’s a total of over 2,500 kilometres.

He’s dropped 20 pounds of weight and has a new appreciation of the scenery and people off his hometown. 

“Even the natural areas, the natural woodlands walking through... it was just really a lot of fun and I met met so many nice people! “

As of Monday afternoon, Terry has amassed almost 3 million steps. His next goals is the crack the 4 million step mark with kilometre each km totalling 1,175 steps. 

Hard to believe he’s only on his second pair of running shoes.