EDMONTON -- Smoke from U.S. wildfires is much more noticeable in Edmonton and area Friday with conditions expected to worsen through the day Saturday.

The city's Air Quality Health Index reading rose to a three on Friday. That's still in the "low risk" range of the AQHI. But, many residents report smelling smoke in the region.

Parts of south and west Alberta had "moderate risk" readings of four and five. You can find the provincial map online.

Check out the graphics below and you can see conditions will likely get worse on Saturday before improving on Sunday thanks to a northwesterly wind.

Even with the smoke increasing, the AQHI is only forecast to climb to "moderate risk" for most of central and northern Alberta Saturday. People with compromised respiratory systems should avoid spending too much time outside. But, most people won't notice any adverse affects from the wildfire smoke.

Friday smoke forecast

Saturday smoke forecast

Sunday smoke forecast