EDMONTON -- A local man is making sure letters to Santa are getting answered this year.

William Johansen has planted a bright red mailbox on his front lawn with the words “Santa’s Mailbox” written on it.

Johansen normally keeps his house quite festive with Christmas lights and a nativity scene, but this year he felt he needed to do something more.

William Johansen's Santa mailbox.

“A lot of the kids have been a little upset this year they're worried about Santa coming and worried about Christmas, because COVID, COVID, COVID. And so I just thought, why don't I try and put one (mailbox) up in the neighborhood? For the kids in the neighborhood and in the community and they can put a letter in there and we'll address it back to them and give them something positive, some hope,” he said.

And he isn’t just receiving the letters. He’s reading them, making sure Santa writes back, and personally delivering them himself. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a job he says he does happily.

“It's just how I've always been. My family has always been about people about community about family, and about doing for others. My father when he was alive used to make sure he would give candy out to all the kids at school or in the neighborhood. We always had extra stuff at Christmas to hand out to people. And that's just been the type of spirit we've always tried to have.”

Johansen's mailbox is located on 54 Street and 35 Avenue, and he says he’s following all proper COVID-19 protocols when handling and delivering the letters.