A Spruce Grove man is hoping to be named 'Canada’s Greatest Know-it-All' by beating out some of the brightest minds in the country in a televised competition. 

Owen Garratt, 44, is an artist from Spruce Grove, who is competing in the second season of the reality show Canada’s Greatest Know-it-All, which pits ten of the country’s biggest, self-proclaimed ‘know-it-alls’ head-to-head.

“It is Fear Factor meets Survivor meets Myth Busters,” Garratt tells CTV News.

“The crux of the show is, it’s book smarts versus street smarts. It’s knowledge versus experience. I’ve always maintained that it’s kind of like a strongman competition but with more nerds.”

The show premieres Monday night at 8 p.m. on Discovery.

Garratt is among four Albertans in the Top 10 competitors vying for the 

He says becoming involved in the competition all arose thanks to his son.

“We were fans of Season 1 at our house and my oldest boy Hudson looked at me and said, ‘well dad you ought to be in this show,’” Garratt recalled.

That suggestion turned into constant reminders.

“’Dad, why aren’t you entering, dad, did you find out how to enter?’” he said.

Garratt sent in an audition tape and was chosen as one of top competitors, spending the entire month of June filming and competing in the show.

"Whatever happens, I can figure it out. That makes me a pretty dangerous competitor for this show. I wouldn't want to be competing against me, quite frankly," Garratt says in a preview clip from Monday night's episode.

Contestants are put through physical and mental challenges designed to test their knowledge, problem-solving skills and strategy, including having to memorize giant letters scattered in a landing field while being thrown out of an airplane, and then creating as many words as possible in a Scrabble-like competition.

By making it to into the Top 10, Garratt has already beaten out thousands of Canadians who applied for their shot at the title.

The artist is used to be being hands-on and adventurous with his work, but says that experience was nothing like competing on the show.

“This is by far the biggest adventure I’ve ever had,” Garratt said.

Among those Garratt will compete against includes an aerospace engineer, a Jeopardy champion, an explorer, a physics prodigy, and a microbiologist.

“There’s people who know a lot of things, have a lot of education and then there’s also people who know how to think, and you need both,” he said.

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