Residents in a Spruce Grove trailer park are being warned by RCMP that a child sex offender in now living in their area.

44-year-old Gary Joseph Robins moved into the community, after finishing a 564 day sentence for sexual interference on Sunday. He was serving time for sex offences involving girls under the age of 16, and is considered a serious risk to re-offend.

CTV spoke to people who live in the area on Monday, and many said they're fearful of letting their children out of their sight.

"We've got 259 residents in this park , and there's a lot of kids - lots of kids in here," said Elvin Cairon, who lives in the area.

The manager of the trailer park says it's been a quiet community over the past few years, and she'd like to see it stay that way.

"Basically we haven't talked to Gary but we will be meeting with him and find out just what his plans are, where we go next," said Rita Fisher.

Until a hearing on the 22nd of July, Robins is not allowed contact with any people under the age of 14, including through the use of computers. He's also banned from public parks, swimming pools and any other area where people under the age of 14 are expected to go.

After his hearing, which is called an 810 Recognizance, it's expected more conditions will be put into place.

In a release from RCMP he is described as follows:

  • 6'

  • 160 lbs.

  • Blue eyes

  • Brown hair

    Officers stress they are providing information about Robins so the public can take precautionary measures, and they in no way condone vigilante justice.

    -With Files from David Ewasuk