EDMONTON -- Alex Flory and his sister Karynn don't want COVID-19 to put too much of a damper on their St. Albert neighbourhood.

That's why the siblings went through Grandin and left encouraging messages for residents on Tuesday.

“Right now it will be jokes because April Fools is tomorrow, so he's got some jokes that he's going to post," said Karynn.

“What did the big flower say to the little flower...Hi, bud," she laughed.

Around the world, people have been trying to spread cheer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Some have sung opera from their balcony, others have been driving by houses to offer birthday wishes.

Alex got his idea after a hearing about a similar initiative called “window walks” where people post notes or pictures in their front windows.

Alex is a non-verbal communicator and needs a wheelchair.

“When we brought it up with Alex, he thought, 'Oh well I can participate in that,’" said Karynn

So, Alex and his sister braved the snow Tuesday to leave positive messages on mailboxes and lamp posts.

“When everybody around him is happy, he's a much happier person too,” said Kayrnn.

“It touches my heart when someone likes to play with words and brings a smile to somebody else’s face so hats off to the kid,” said one passerby after reading a note.

Alex and his sister plan to continue leaving messages in hopes of brightening peoples’ days.

With files from CTV News Edmonton’s Darcy Seaton