Family members are coming to the defense of a man seen in a video posted online, smashing through the windows of a man’s car during a confrontation in Grande Prairie.

CTV News reported Tuesday that Dennis Tissington, 67, had been charged with mischief following a confrontation Saturday, part of which was recorded by Damian Dallyn.

The video Dallyn recorded – showing Tissington smashing through two windows in Dallyn’s car, while Dallyn sat inside – was posted online, and started going viral.

Dallyn told CTV News that before he started recording the video, he had been dealing with a landscaping dispute, and went back to his car, when Tissington, who is related to the man Dallyn was dealing with, approached with a baton.

Dallyn said he suffered a number of injuries as a result of the incident.

Tissington, and his relative did not provide comment initially, but a statement entitled ‘The Other Side’ was posted on Facebook late Tuesday evening outlining the other side of events leading up to the video.

In the post, a man identifying himself as Tyler Stojan, Tissington’s stepson, said Dallyn had threatened him in the past over an ongoing dispute dating back to 2014.

The statement said Tissington stepped in after Dallyn stopped by the family home.

Stojan said he had hired a lawyer, and said he plans to launch a defamation lawsuit against Dallyn.

With files from Nicole Weisberg