With just seven more shopping days before Christmas Edmonton businesses are finding new ways to attract customers.

Officials at the West Edmonton Mall have taken to Twitter to pass on parking information for shoppers heading out.

It’s a service that Jason and Erica Burdze say is needed.

“In here it's not that bad but parking is terrible,” Jason told CTV News.

“That was the worst part,” he added, “There is just no room.”

Store owners said they have seen traffic increase in the mall over the last few days.

“We’re noticing the traffic in the mall is way up beyond last week so it’s been great,” Michael Hill owner Shelley Nicholson said.

It’s something shops along Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue have also noticed.

“When the sun shines people come out,” When Pigs Fly owner Jenny  Sherwin told CTV News.

Sherwin said that parking was also a common concern for customers.

“We hear that all year round. Customers would love to have free parking, I mean, who wouldn't?”

With files from Breanna Karstens-Smith