EDMONTON -- Alberta’s new impaired driving laws came into effect on Tuesday.

Police are now able to hand out stricter penalties on the roadside, such as seizing a vehicle for 30 days.

Drivers face larger fines, up to $2,000.

Repeat offenders will also need to take an education course, and could see a mandatory ignition interlock installed in their vehicle.  

“If you make the decision as an Albertan to drive impaired and you blow over, you are not going home with your driver’s license and you're not going home with your car today,” Transportation Ric McIver said.

“We believe it's a strong deterrent against impaired driving.”

As well, his ministry plans to introduce zero-tolerance consequences for novice and commercial drivers.

Fines can now be paid online through SafeRoads Alberta, a new adjudication branch. The site will also allow Albertans to request an extension on their fine due date or dispute a roadside sanction or vehicle seizure.

Police and government officials say the change will free up more police and court time.