Elementary students at a west end school were back in their own classrooms for the first time Wednesday – a week after a fire tore through a classroom last week.

On November 14, an overnight fire in a classroom at Meadowlark Christian School at 9825 158 Street caused about $100,000 in damages.

Nearly 300 students and staff were displaced by the fire – since then, the elementary students have been attending class at Youngstown School.

Edmonton Public School officials said air quality in the school has been deemed safe, but the odour of smoke has lingered in the junior high wing.

“That’s where the fire occurred, in one of the classrooms in the junior high wing, that’s where the most intensive smoke damage was,” Meadowlark School principal Darren Sweeney said. “Although all the air quality tests have come back and saying that it’s safe for kids to be here, safe for staff to be here we just want to make sure it’s safe for those kids that have sensitivities.”

The junior high students will have to wait until Monday to return to Meadowlark School – until then they’ll continue to take classes at Westlawn School.