EDMONTON -- A friendly dinosaur known as "Mama Rex" has been going around the Summerside neighbourhood in an attempt to bring smiles to residents.

"To bring a little joy when they turn the corner on a street it makes me happy," said Julie Armstrong, the Mama Rex.

Mama Rex started venturing out in late march and quickly blew up on social media.

"In the winter it was very hard with the slush and the ice, that was a little nerve wracking. Crossing the streets is a little unnerving because I can’t see."

Mama Rex

Neighbours and those passing through the area get a kick out of her, but Armstrong also benefits from the activity.

"I got a little overwhelmed all of a sudden with all this change that was hitting everybody and for me it was more for my own mental health."

Mama Rex also post videos of her walks on Facebook hoping to spread the cheer beyond Summerside.