Tsunami Wynd Equine

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Tsunami Wynd Equine

Tsunami Wynd Equine

Tsunami Wynd Equine

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Tsunami Wynd Equine

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Tsunami Wynd Equine supports horses health in the Edmonton and surrounding areas.  Farrier service, and equine health and safety.

To all of our clients,
We are considered an essential service, and will attend to your horses, ponies and donkey’s needs during these challenging times.
We want to remind the entire equine community — especially horse owners — that regardless of whether your horse is a prized sport horse, speedy barrel racer or steadfast backyard companion, hoof care and health is important.
Hats off to all the hard-working hoof and health practitioners!!!
Not only do we sacrifice our bodies, endure long days, work in all elements of frigid winters and scorching summers, we have Covid-19 added.
We love what we do so please follow our best practices for being part of the Covid-19 solution while working.
Thank you, Tsunami Wnyd Equine
#Healthyhooves #tsunamiwyndequine

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(780) 233 9891

Business hours

24 hours

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Street Address: 54316
City: Stony Plain
State / Province: Alberta
Postal / Zip Code: T0E1V0
Country: Canada

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