Some changes are coming for TappCar users in the Edmonton-area. The company announced plans to roll out a fleet of electric vehicles and the addition of carpool services for users.

TappCar said the new pure-electric fleet will go online in the summer of 2018. The fleet will be entirely BYD’s e6 pure-electric crossover model vehicle.

“The main thing is really what customers are demanding, we have a lot of younger customers in the city who use our service, and they’re quite frankly asking for an environmentally friendly option,” spokesperson Pascal Ryffel said.

In addition, Edmonton International Airport is giving TappCar access to curbside pickup for the electric fleet once it goes into service. Uber is not allowed to pick up at the airport at this time.

“I’m not personally aware of another airport that has an all-electric fleet like we have with TappCar,” said Tom Ruth, EIA President and CEO.

The airport will cover the cost of installing charging terminals at two different locations on site.

As for the carpooling service, that is available now for users with the TappCar app on their Android or iOS devices.

“It’s a great option if you’re looking to save a little bit of money, so basically if you’re OK sharing your car with one other person, you hit that button and it automatically searches if somebody in the area is heading in the same direction as you are,” Ryffel said. “Then you just have to make a stop or two along the way. It saves you 30 per cent off your fare.”

Ryffel said both users would have to choose the carpooling option to use the feature.

With files from Bill Fortier