The 14-year-old girl who lost her best friend to an ecstasy overdose Friday says she had no idea what to do.

Ashley Morin tells CTV News her friend, Cassie Williams was shaking non-stop, just minutes before the pair overdosed on ecstasy. She says they bought 12 ecstasy pills for $50 at West Edmonton Mall's Rock 'n' Ride party.

"She couldn't drink at all," says Morin. "I gave her the water and she dropped it instantly and she kept falling down to the ground."

Both girls were taken to hospital and Williams was taken off life support on Saturday.

Williams' mother, Angela Eyre, said taking her daughter off life support was the most difficult thing she has ever had to do.

"You see it on TV...people having to take a family member off life support, but you never think it's going to be you," said Eyre.

It was an emotional morning on Monday at an Edmonton elementary-junior high school as students grieve over the death of Williams.

Students at St. Elizabeth Seton school are sharing memories of the Grade 9 student.

"She always had a smile on her face she was always so full of life and she was just overall an amazing person," said Camille Powell.

A 16-year-old is accused of supplying the drugs to the teens and has been taken into police custody.

But many students say drugs are readily available anywhere in the city.

"People come to us almost everyday asking us if we want to buy all these kinds of drugs," said Lonnie Powell.

High school students, Charlotte Turon and Carleigh Burton were at the event Friday night and they claim they saw a number of junior high students, buying and taking drugs. 

"All these 12-year-olds go there and they do ecstasy and stuff, " said Turon. "It's not a safe place to go."

The Alberta Alcohol & Drug Abuse Commission also has concerns. Spokesperson Tracy MacDonald says they don't allow their clients access to Rock 'n' Ride.

"Many times clients reported using at Rock and Ride or using after getting substances from Rock and Ride, so it's a really high-risk kind of environment and event for kids," said MacDonald.

West Edmonton Mall issued a press release Monday, stating that Rock 'n Ride management takes drug abuse seriously.

"Rock 'n Ride management takes these abuses very seriously. Rock 'n Ride management has been and will continue to be committed to ensuring this event is as safe as possible."

Solicitor General Fred Lindsay says he wants to send out a stern reminder about the dangers of illegal drugs.

"These drugs are not made under any kind of laboratory controls," said Lindsay. "When you take these drugs and ingest them in your body you have no idea what the quality is or what could be in them."

Williams' stepfather agrees parents need to be aware, but he hopes his step-daughter's death will act as a reminder to teens about the danger of illegal drugs.

"Don't touch it, don't go near it," said Guy Buehler. "It can take your life the first time and you can imagine how hard that is."

And Morin wishes she had never done drugs, she now warns other teens not to make the same mistake.

"It's really not worth losing someone that special to you over a couple pills," she said.

Morin says she's now left with painful memories of that frightening night she lost her best friend.

"I dread going back to this school, just to walk past her locker and see her locker and see memories of her and not see her."

With files from Scott Roberts and Bill Fortier