A 17-year-old was nearly stranded in Red Deer after Greyhound told her they oversold their bus and there was no more room.

Emily Jones was on her way back home to St. Albert when she was turned away from boarding the bus, despite having pre-purchased a ticket.

Jones’ father, John, said he was furious when she called to tell him a bus driver had told her there was no room for her on the bus.

“Then he told her, ‘In fact, there’s no more room on the next bus or the next bus and you’re better off to go over to Red Arrow and take the bus there because Greyhound has no more buses’,” he told CTV News.

“My cell phone was calling their station for about 45 minutes and nobody would pick up the phone,” he explained.

When he was able to get through, John said it was to the scheduling department who could only tell him when the next bus was, or sell him a ticket.

“There was really nobody at Greyhound that could give us a hand or help us solve this problem.”

Emily ended up waiting at a nearby Dairy Queen after the Greyhound station closed.

“How can a corporation as large as Greyhound just abandon it’s passengers,” John questioned.

“It’s a shame that Greyhound doesn’t take more responsibility for their passengers.”

He said after several hours of trying to solve the problem they were able to get her onto a bus from Red Arrow.

“The great folks at Red Arrow were able to sell me a ticket online using my credit card. It was clean. It was simple. They didn’t overbook their buses at all and I was guaranteed a seat.”

Greyhound has not returned CTV News calls and the Jones family said they have not received a refund for the ticket they purchased but did not use.

With files from Breanna Karstens-Smith