EDMONTON -- A stolen SUV raced through a north Edmonton alley where children were riding their bikes with police chasing from a distance, surveillance video obtained by CTV News shows.

Cierra Parkinson was in her backyard with her husband Sunday night when she heard sirens and a vehicle speeding through the alley in the area of 83 Street and 132 Avenue.

She figured that first vehicle was police, but it turned out to be an SUV with its hatch open.

An Edmonton Police Service spokesperson said police were responding to a call in the area when they were flagged by the owner of a vehicle that had just been stolen from the driveway. The officers continued and spotted the stolen vehicle.

Moments later, the stolen vehicle, and about 30 seconds later police, drove past Parkinson's home.

"So we went into the alley to see what was going on, and I noticed that there were two kids on the sidewalk across the alley from us and I went out there to see that they were OK, and that's when I noticed the police car following down the alley," she told CTV News Edmonton.

She said if the children had come three to five seconds later when the stolen SUV drove by, "that could've been really bad."

EPS said the thief abandoned the vehicle shortly after and has not been arrested. The investigation is ongoing.