EDMONTON -- When Ethan Pettigrew stepped onto the tee at the 12th hole at the Devon Golf & Country Club, his friend's uncle asked him to stop ... because he had a good feeling about what was about to happen next. The man then took out his cell phone and started recording Ethan’s shot.

His 9 iron shot had eyes.

“It bounces a couple of times and looked like it stopped. So I grabbed my tee and everyone is like, ‘Oh so close, so close,'” the 16-year-old said. “Then I see it dropping in the hole so it was pretty cool to see.”

“That’s in, it’s in!” he yelled.

His first ever hole-in-one came with a unique celebration. Ethan ran towards the hole and laid down on the green in disbelief before removing the ball from the cup.

The cell phone video eventually made its way onto Twitter and has since garnered over half-a-million views.

“That’s pretty crazy because I wasn’t really expecting nothing of it,” Pettigrew said with a smile. “I wasn’t even going to post it on anything actually but I chose to and it was the right decision I guess.”

Making the ace even more impressive is that Ethan only really started getting into golf this year because of COVID-19.