“I think Edmonton is the perfect venue, it’s a winter city. People go out no matter what.”

Georgina Atkin was inspired by Christmas markets often seen in European countries with her Edmonton Project proposal: an outdoor Advent Festival.

“If you look around the city, all the little communities have their own little craft fairs,” Atkin said. “I thought this would be a good venue for everybody to meet downtown and just get involved in the Christmas season and bring people in to the city centre.”

Atkin’s idea includes utilizing the “green shacks” often seen in city parks in the summer, because they’re placed in storage for the winter.

“I can see it in Churchill Square, with all of the little green shacks decorated up as little Christmas chalets,” Atkin said.

“[The shacks] are sitting there doing nothing and so I thought if you cut the side of it, folded it down as a ledge and decorated it up for Christmas you could utilize the green shacks.”

Atkin, and the people behind the nine other proposals, will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in March. The idea chosen will come to life with the backing of companies involved in the initiative, grants and crowdfunding.

With files from Dez Melenka