“The way the project was set up or phrased was: ‘What’s your idea? What’s your napkin idea?’” Matt Schuurman said.

So Schuurman and Megan Dart pitched an idea they’ve been working on for some time, inspired by a similar attraction they saw overseas.

“The concept is based on something we saw at the World Expo a few years back,” Schuurman said. “[It] was a small Ferris wheel, about 20 gondolas or so, there was a kitchen built into the base.”

Their idea, however, integrates food trucks instead of a single kitchen. Users would take the ride, and pick up food and drink options at the base, eating and drinking while enjoying a unique view of Edmonton.

“We would love to see this placed somewhere atop the River Valley,” Dart said. “So, somewhere with an incredible vantage point.”

The Food Truck Ferris Wheel was one of hundreds of ideas pitched to The Edmonton Project.

Now, it’s one of ten ideas on the shortlist – Schuurman and Dart, along with the creators of the nine other projects are preparing to pitch their ideas to a panel of judges in March.

With files from Dez Melenka