The Rossdale Power Plant has stood in Edmonton’s river valley for more than 100 years, but it now sits empty. Carla Wilson and Elyse Chatterton hope to change that.

“It’s worth keeping and I think in order to keep it we need something that actually matters inside of it,” Wilson said.

“Our idea is...something for everybody,” Chatterton said.

The idea was inspired by the Container City in Las Vegas, it’s an outdoor mall made of shipping containers – but their proposal would put the containers inside the power plant.

“It is for the young people who want to go for a cocktail after work, it’s for the young families and the moms who want to sit with their friends and watch kids play, it’s something for small business owners,” Chatterton said.

Chatterton said their vision would have the spaces up for rent to local businesses – their idea named The Inner City.

After receiving hundreds of submissions, The Inner City made it to the shortlist of ten proposals for The Edmonton Project.

“Everybody was just excited about average Edmontonians coming up with some really unique and exciting ideas to make this city better,” Wilson said.

These two ladies also believe their idea could also include elements from some of their competitors.

“Why couldn’t the Food Truck Ferris Wheel be located right there, the saunas be built there, the advent event could happen in that general area,” Wilson said.

Now, Chatterton and Wilson are preparing to pitch their idea to a panel of judges in March. One of the ten finalists will be chosen.

“The more we can make in Edmonton, the better for everybody,” Chatterton said.

With files from Dez Melenka