EDMONTON -- There is a surge in demand for winter sports equipment in Edmonton as more people look for ways to get out of their homes. Retailers believe the boost is a result of self-induced isolation because of the pandemic.

Totem Outdoor Outfitters is seeing the spike. The store’s floor manager Andrew Hunter says cross-country skis and equipment have been the most popular items.

“They really want to get out, they're not travelling around, so they need something to do through the winter season.”

“With the pandemic, there’s nothing else to do! So we decided to try cross-country skiing this winter,” said Carl Girard.

It’s a similar story at other sporting goods stores. Track ‘N Trail on Whyte Avenue points to COVID-19 as the driving force behind the spike in sales.

“It's been really different. Ski sales going into the season have been going crazy,” said owner Bob Schilf.

The spike is not only good news for the local economy, it also represents a potential benefit for the health of Albertans.

“It's easy on the joints, it's good for cardiovascular, it's a fantastic way to get out,” said Hunter.

Sales of ski passes are also up at Snow Valley, and staff say downhill equipment is also selling better than usual.

It’s a sign that Albertans are looking for activities they can do safely as COVID-19 shows no signs of taking the winter off.

“We've started a wait list, and that wait list is long,” Schilf said.

But the wait time is not expected to be long. Track ‘N Trail is expecting another equipment shipment next week. 

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Bill Fortier.