The move is underway for a church building that sat vacant for a year in St. Albert, as crews have started the process of moving the building to the Morinville area.

The church had been slated for demolition, but it was given to a congregation in Morinville, for free, in November. The only thing the new owners had to do was move the structure somewhere else.

“It’s kind of the ultimate reduce, reuse and recycle project,” Greg Fraser, pastor at Father’s House Christian Fellowship, said.

Crews started moving the 10,000 square foot building early Monday morning.

The building was split into four parts for the 15 kilometre journey, and Highway 2 was shut down.

“It such an amazing thing to think this building could have been destroyed, and just removed off the land, but now it’s being repurposed to be used as a church, its original intention,” Fraser said.

On Tuesday afternoon, the church reached the home stretch.

It’s expected to take a year for the building to be operational, but the congregation is excited.

“I can’t wait until we have our first service,” congregant Pat Hounsell-Dickie said. “Just watching is making me tear up.”

When the first service is held, it will be the first permanent home base for the thirty year old congregation.

With files from Shanelle Kaul