EDMONTON -- When you order a hamburger with all of the fixings you may expect cheese, lettuce and tomato. Maybe even bacon. But at one burger place in Edmonton you can get that and a lot more including … squid rings.

The Burger Joint has been offering up the unusual topping since it opened about 10 years ago.

“Most people, they’re surprised when they see it the first time most of them say, ‘Wow squid rings,’” says Fadi Mirza, who owns the restaurant.

Mirza says he was inspired to put fried squid rings on burgers after seeing it on a cooking show over a decade ago, but to his knowledge no one else in Edmonton is offering the unusual topping. Among the other offerings on his menu is a fried egg, sunny side up.

“Sunny side up so it’s runny. When people bite into it, it gets a little messy but people like it that way,” says Mirza.

Mirza estimates he tops at least three orders a day with squid rings and fried eggs. A recent picture online showcased the biggest burger his restaurant has to offer: two seven-ounce beef patties, with lettuce, tomatoes, swiss cheese, bacon, donair meat, a fried egg and squid rings.

“We have a lot of options,” Mirza says with a laugh.