Those who ride their bikes in Oliver and Old Strathcona are learning a new language. Well, kind of.

There are now street signs in German calling bike lanes and roads names like "Oliverbahn" and "Garsconastraße," a combination of Garneau and Strathcona.

"That's really cool!" said one reddit user. "It's always nice to see other languages on our signage (as long as it doesn’t interfere with regular use)."

Another commenter took it a step further: "When can we change the Henday to the Hendaybahn?"

It's unclear who put the signs there, but an official told CTV News Edmonton it was not the city.

"I think it's fun," Ward 8 Councillor Ben Henderson said. "I hope something like this can last, but I'm guessing there's all sorts of rules about it."

The signs may not stick around, but the names just might catch on.

With files from CTV News Edmonton's Jeremy Thompson