EDMONTON -- An Edmonton-based graphic designer is sharing his work in a new way, thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The idea was kind of in the back of my mind,” Riyaz Sharan told CTV News Edmonton. “Since COVID has happened, I’ve been asked multiple times by people to get my artwork into puzzles.”

Retailers across Canada reported an uptick in jigsaw puzzle sales at the beginning of the pandemic, with people searching for something to keep them busy at home.

Sharan’s puzzles are inspired by Edmonton and feature familiar locations and scenery, including the High Level Bridge and the Neon Museum.

He says the response has been great so far, with 50 puzzles pre-ordered and orders still coming in daily for his first run.

“There was one woman that picked up her puzzle yesterday and said that her and her family are trying to think of things to do in the winter months because they know with COVID they’re not going to be able to do much so they’re trying to plan their activities accordingly,” he said.

Sharan has created six puzzles so far, chosen from 40 of his designs. It took him between 150 and 200 hours to complete all six images.

He plans to do more puzzle designs and is considering releasing new ones each year.

Sharan also creates prints, cards and postcards, available through his website and at retailers around the city.