EDMONTON -- Two Edmonton men were caught on camera in the early hours Thursday attempting to steal copper wire.

Security footage shows two men driving on bicycles in north central Edmonton with a wagon full of tools. One man even went so far as to wear a fluorescent safety vest.

Scott Kelly, CEO of ICOM Mechanical, was called to the building with reports of a power-pole that had been cut down. He believes the pole was cut down with a saw to get the wires.

“It lit up like a Christmas tree when they dropped the pole to the ground,” said Kelly.

While the repair was a huge loss for the tenant, the thieves left with close to nothing.

“Even if it was valuable wire, unfortunately they got aluminum wire,” he said.

Steve Petrushka, employee at Provincial Electrical Services, believes the men had some electrical knowledge in order to complete the risky job.

“They didn’t get a lot but it cost a lot of damage,” said Petrushka, who quoted the repair cost at $25,000. 

With files from CTV News Edmonton's David Ewasuk