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'They're 4 and 0 in the playoffs': Burger joint feeds winning meals to Oilers


More than a year ago, a burger joint located just a few blocks from Rogers Place discovered the Edmonton Oilers had become regular customers.

"They used to order off an app and it would be delivered," said Tu Le, Jack's Burger Shack co-owner.

"We found out they were for the Oilers coaching staff and trainers, so we said anytime you need it, call us directly and we'll run it over to you," he said.

Typically the order consists of 13 burgers and seven fries.

"We just try to make a tasty burger and I hope that when they eat it and then they have the euphoric feeling of winning that they kind of relate the two together," Le said.

They started keeping track of how the Oilers performed on the ice on days they cooked for their coaches and trainers.

"To the best of our knowledge, they haven’t lost since we started keeping track of feeding them and they’re 4 and 0 in the playoffs when we were feeding them this year," said Le.

He's not sure if the Oilers believe there's a connection between the food and the team's performance.

"I know hockey players and athletes are superstitious so I think we have been part of the routine now which is nice and I hope this doesn’t jinx it, we’ve been talking about it lots the last couple of days so I hope it doesn’t jinx it," said Le.

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