EDMONTON -- Little dancers in Edmonton are taking a special ballet class with the grown-ups in their lives.

Demand for the parented pre-ballet class at Elite Dance Studio is booming.

"I think it's just fun for the parents to come in and do something relaxing and that they can really connect with their kids on," studio co-owner Delphine Romaire told CTV News Edmonton. "This is one of our most popular [classes]."

The class uses music to teach balance, flexibility and basic dance steps in a fun, high-energy environment.

"I think it's very important actually for children to have things that they specifically do with important people in their lives," Rose Brook said.

She and her daughter Katie are in their second ballet class together.

"It sort of gets past the apprehension at being in a new place, in a new environment, doing new stuff," Brook said. "And when she's a little more comfortable, then she can do the classes on her own."

"My favourite part is the dancing, and head-shoulders-knees-and-toes," four-year-old Katie said.

The class is for children ages three to five.

Parented hip hop and ballroom dance classes are also available.

Registration is limited to allow for physical distancing.