The next wave of the H1N1 flu pandemic will likely not arrive, as predicted earlier by health officials.

Alberta Health Services decided to officially end the vaccination program next week.

Back in Dec., health officials said another round of the virus was to be expected. But now, Dr. Marcia Johnson, medical officer of health for Alberta Health Services, tells CTV News plans appear to have changed.

"There is not a likelihood there will be a third wave," she said.

Only one-third of Albertans lined up for the shot, and at one point during the vaccination clinics, some facilities were closed due to a vaccine shortage.

Alberta's health minister is now calling for a review of the process.

"Specifically I asked the Health Quality Council if they would look into the issues of preparedness and response to the H1N1 epidemic and anything else they thing is important to be reviewed," said Health Minister Gene Zwozdesky.

Alberta Health Services CEO Dr. Stephen Duckett now admits he might have done things differently.

"It's easy in hindsight to say, 'well if I had more -- the same information now, I wouldn't have done it in the same way, but you've gotta look at what we knew at the time."

Duckett says he welcomes the results of the examination, saying one can always learn from experience.

With files from Susan Amerongen