EDMONTON -- "This is Castle Lilly," Gerald Kaluzniak gestures to a structure of ice and snow taller than him. "My granddaughter's first snow sculpture."

The sculpture features a slide and frozen throne.

"Started our first giant dump of snow back in November," he explained.

"It's probably about 100 hours of work."

Kaluzniak began building with snow in March when the pandemic arrived in Alberta.

"I'm never done. If we get more snow, then I gotta put something else up," he said.

"I might put a keep up to go with the castle, with high, rounded turrets over there on the side."

In the spring, the retired math teacher also built a zoo in the park across the street, giving away 50 wooden animals decorations in exchange for a food bank donation.

The animals continue to call the park across the street home.