EDMONTON -- Why is everyone making sourdough bread?

Home-bound Edmontonians are getting back to basics in the kitchen, clearing grocery store shelves of flour and yeast and trying their hand at baking.

"I think sourdough has been quite trendy and popular and a lot of people have been wanting to learn to make it for several years," Kaelin Whittaker said. "And now I think people are home and they have the time."

Whittaker teaches sourdough workshops and shared her recipe for the perfect starter.

"All it is is flour and water that is left to ferment," she told CTV Morning Live Edmonton. "You just take 50 grams of flour and 50 grams water, stir it together, cover it and seal the jar. And then you leave it for 24 hours and tomorrow you do the same thing."

Bubbles will start to form within three days and the yeast will be ready to use in eight to ten days.

Starters will ferment more quickly at room temperature. They can be stored in the fridge for months when you're not using them but should be removed well before baking.

Whittaker's classes and workshops can be found on her website.