Do you believe in ghosts?

Paranormal investigator and medium Rona Leslie Anderson does. She has seen them herself since she was just three years old.

Anderson says each person can see ghosts differently. Spirits can take many forms, from orbs and auras to solid beings.

"I've seen things that look like they've come out of horror movies," she said on CTV Morning Live Edmonton. "I've seen ghosts that look like skeletons floating outside this woman's window, with this wispy shroud on them, and insect bodies with heads, all kinds of weird stuff that people have in their house and they don't realize."

According to Anderson, children are likely to notice the paranormal because they aren't yet skeptical enough to discount what they are seeing.

"I don't want to scare parents too much, but yeah, usually if they see stuff in their closet or their bed, there is something there and the parents should listen to them," she said.