EDMONTON -- Parkview is welcoming all Edmontonians to try out its life-sized Snakes and Ladders starting Thursday.

The chalk-painted board is about 36 square metres in size and features all the classic game's essentials – from ladders that give players a boost up, to snakes that mean progress could soon slither away – all laboriously painted by a handful of volunteers.

"It's iconic. It's like the Monopoly board; it's special," said Kristie Edwardsen, the mom of four, teacher, artist and Parkview resident who led the initiative.

She also spearheaded a chalk-painted Monopoly board in Crestwood a year earlier.

Parkview, Snakes and Ladders

"We saw how much it brought joy, connection, in a safe way – socially distanced, of course," she recalled.

"The last couple of weeks have been kinda dreary with the restrictions. People have been tired and want something new."

Edwardsen has received help from several volunteers, most notably professional artist Lance Cardinal.

Parkview, Snakes and Ladders

"So, so cool," he said, calling it a great way to get outdoors and responsibly make memories with loved ones.

Although their work was washed away by Tuesday's rainfall, the crew returned Wednesday and expected to be finished by Thursday evening.

"I'm all about process when you do art, so it's not necessarily what the end result is. It's what you get while doing the project," Edwardsen told CTV News Edmonton, shrugging.

Plus, she pointed out, the first board left behind a rainbow pattern as it drained onto the street.

Parkview, Snakes and Ladders

"It was actually quite lovely to see. And I knew we'd be back anyways."

She recommended Parkview Community League visitors bring their own inflatable dice to play.