Thousands participated in Edmonton’s Run for the Cure Sunday including a St. Albert teacher undergoing chemotherapy.

Laura Allen said she was able to put together a team of 46 people and ended up being the top fundraising team of the event.

“I was able to do all of this even though I am going through chemotherapy so I am just really thrilled and really happy to be here,” she told CTV News.

“I just feel like crying every second seeing all these people.

“I am overwhelmed by the love shown here.”

Allen’s team, Brave Bold Bald Babes, raised $23,955 – over two thousand more than they expected.

She said a large portion of that was raised by her sister-in-law, Gena McGlone, who traveled up from the States to participate in the run.

“It brings tears to your eyes when you look that way and see a mass of pink heads and that way and see a mass of pink heads. It is really amazing,” McGlone said.

According to a spokesperson for the Edmonton event it has been the passion that people feel for the cause that has made the run such a great fundraiser.

“A lot of people are very passionate about this cause. You put your sweat and your time and your energy into this because you are passionate about a future without breast cancer,” Amanda Leblanc explained.

Leblanc said the statistics showed the number of women with breast cancer has dropped 42 per cent since 1986.

“We do have statistics that say that the mortality rates are the lowest they have been since 1950.So although it is a widespread health issue the stats are improving.”

However, she explained that one in nine Canadian women would still be diagnosed and one in 29 women would die from breast cancer.

According to the organization website they raised $27 million in 2013, $1.68 million of that was from Edmonton.

Leblanc said the money goes towards research and education.

“It goes toward the whole spectrum of treating and prevention of breast cancer at different stages.”

Ellamae Gunn, who is 87, said she began participating after her two daughters were diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

“It gives the message that something has to be done about this. We have to raise money. We have to keep this going.”

Gunn said she hopes for a future without breast cancer.

For more on the Run for the Cure or to donate visit their website.

With files from Nicole Weisberg