An ALERT investigation led to the arrest of three and the seizure of a loaded handgun with its serial number removed.

Police and ALERT searched four homes on Wednesday, Oct 4 where they found the handgun, cocaine, cocaine buffing agent, MDMA, marijuana, pills, and $6,580 in cash.

The handgun will go under forensic examination to determine if it was used in any other crimes.

Police say one of the homes, in the Hudson neighborhood was being used to convert powder cocaine into crack. Production of a controlled substance is one of 15 charges being laid against the suspects.

Besmellah Bakhsi, 24, is charged with four counts of trafficking possession for the purpose of trafficking, production, possession of proceeds of crime, and possession of a prohibited firearm.

Dion Waddell, 25, and Asslan El Hassani, 27, are each charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking, production, and possession of proceeds of crime.

The investigation began in August 2017 when ALERT received information about suspected drug trafficking in the area.