Three rail workers who were contracted by CN have been taken to hospital following a serious incident at the Cloverbar yard Wednesday morning.

Police were called out to Meridian Street and Hayter Road just after 9 a.m.

“We found that three workers from the CN were clearing the rail switches east of Meridian Street,” Temporary Acting Sgt. Terry Cassells said.

“There was a train that was going east bound at 25 miles per hour.

“The engineer saw these people working on the tracks. He blew his whistle. He didn’t get a response from them because they were wearing hearing protection and had their snow blowers going.”

Cassells explained the train was unable to stop because it was too icy.

Two of the injured were in critical condition while the other worker suffered minor injuries.

They were all transported to hospital via ground ambulance.

Operational Health and Safety said the workers were employees of A&B Rail Services Ltd., which is based in Edmonton.

“We don’t have all the answers to what occurred this morning,” CN Spokersperson Patrick Waldron told CTV News.   

“That is what our investigation will look into and determine.”

The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada says they will also be investigating the incident.

With files from Breanna Karstens-Smith