What items do you think best show future generations what living in Alberta at this time is like?

As the 100th year of the Alberta Legislature comes to an end, the opportunity for Albertans to vote on what items they believe should be placed in the province’s new Legislature time capsule is also wrapping up.

The Legislature celebrated its centennial in September, by opening a century-old time capsule.

A bible, historical newspapers, building blue prints, old coins and photographs were among the items pulled from the capsule.

Now the province is set to bury a new time capsule in 2013 – and has asked the public to vote online for what items should be in the capsule.

The deadline for voting is the end of day Monday.

“It’s important for people 100 years hence to know what Alberta, life, was like today, the same way that we were very excited when we opened up the time capsule from 100 years ago,” Alberta’s House Speaker Gene Zwozdesky said on Friday.

“It gives you a snapshot into what people had in their mind, what the current events were, what some of the memorable events were.”

Out of 20 options provided, the top five will be included in the capsule.

Thousands of votes have been cast and as of Friday, the top five contents are:

  • Letters to the future by Alberta school children with predictions on what life will be like in the next 100 years.
  • Roll of 2012 pennies and one full uncirculated 2012 coin set.
  • Newspapers from September 3, 2012.
  • Photos of the June 18, 2012, removal of the time capsule from 1909.
  • Tied: Photos of classes that participated in School at the Legislature in 2012 and photos of current events from 2012.

Zwozdesky believes moving forward, Albertans want to show future generations something that reflects how society is today.

“What I’d like to see included in this time capsule going forward is more of a snapshot of what Albertans are all about today,” Zwozdesky said.

“What kind of people are in this province today, what kind of people are we at heart, what kind of people are we at conscience, and how we have all contributed to the incredible, high quality of life that makes up our Alberta.”Chosen items will be placed in the new capsule and buried under the cornerstone of the Legislature in the same spot where the previous capsule was unearthed earlier this year.

The new capsule will be opened in 100 years.

Click here to vote on what you think should go into the Legislature time capsule.

With files from Nicole Weisberg