Manon Pichette was a single parent of a young son when she first went to the Salvation Army for help. And it changed her life.

"Finally I feel like I have a family," Pichette said on CTV Morning Live. "Everybody are happy to help me… with all of that amazing stuff to help me and my son, and today I have a hope."

Pichette was able to access the Pathway of Hope program, received help with her income tax and more, services that are funded by the Salvation Army's annual Christmas Kettle campaign.

This year's campaign officially launched at the Hope in the City luncheon on Wednesday.  Jay Barnard, also known as Chef Recovery, shared his story of overcoming addiction with the help of a Salvation Army treatment program.

Hope in the City launch

Donations to the Christmas Kettle campaign stay in the community and help fund local programs and services for vulnerable people. 

"It goes to help support programs that support people like Manon, brave people that are needing some help," Salvation Army officer Maj. Al Hoeft said.

People can drop in their cash and change into the signature kettles or tap their credit and debit cards until December 24. Donations are also being accepted online.

The goal for this year's campaign is $550,000.