An Edmonton chef has put his culinary skills to work to help out a local youth charity for Christmas.

Andrew Parker, from Chef Parker Catering and Events, has cooked up 60 litres of soup for the Youth Emergency Shelter Society (YESS).

“I'm prepping a cream of broccoli soup right now cause I've got lots of broccoli leftover and I'm also going to be making a cream of turkey soup,” he told CTV News Sunday afternoon.

“It’s Christmas time and I know how important having good hearty meal at this time of year is,” Parker explained.

Parker prepared the soups at the Nor’wester Athletic Association using food leftover from several Christmas parties.

“He has a whole bunch of leftovers that he needed to give it away," Kenneth French from the Association said.

“In the spirit of Christmas, when you have abundance give away.”

Generosity has been a running theme for Parker, having helped out at the Ronald McDonald House and the Canadian Cancer Society.

He has also made the top 40 under 40  list by Avenue Magazine this year.

Parker tweeted that he dropped the soup off around 5 p.m.

With files from Amanda Anderson