EDMONTON -- On a near perfect sunshine-filled autumn day on the colourful banks of the North Saskatchewan River, the new Battery Creek trail opened for public use.

“This is just one more thing that makes Devon unique in my opinion. We’ve got 27 kilometres of trail system. It’s great for healthy people to get around, this is really accessible to anybody," said Devon Mayor Ray Ralph.

While it's only a three kilometre addition to the town's now 27-kilometre long system of paved and natural trails, Battery Creek brings the total distance of the Fort Saskatchewan-to-Devon trail to 70 kilometres.

The River Valley Alliance has been working on the project for a dozen years. Battery Creek finalizes the southwest section of the proposed 100-kilometre trail. Once it crosses the informally named Rabbit Hill ravine near Highway 19, construction will begin towards Rabbit Hill ski area. 

Devon now boasts one of the most extensive and scenic river side trails in the region. 

“Most of the trails are close to the water and now you get a chance to get up a little higher and really enjoy some of the vistas and see the length of breadth of the beautiful river valley,” said River Valley Alliance executive Director Brent Collingwood. 

Walker, hikers and runners, plus people with decreased mobility, can access the trail anywhere between the Highway 60 bridge and Voyageur Park to the Legs of Fire staircase, Lions Park, and now Battery Creek.

The entire project cost $2 million.