Treasure seekers hoping to strike big gathered in Old Strathcona Saturday.

A real-life treasure hunt started at 12:01 a.m. Saturday in Edmonton, when maps and clues were released to participants by Gold Hunt.

The launch had a rocky start due to the website crashing shortly after the maps were released.

“Unfortunately we had an email go out with the clue that we were giving out so it was a little bit of a hiccup this morning, but it's all resolved now,” said Sarah Mitchell, a spokesperson for Gold Hunt.

The maps provided participants with clues, poems and hints to ahidden chest filled with gold and silver coins worth $100,000.

After dozens of participants grabbed their maps and clues Saturday, the search for the buried treasure was on.

“Honest to goodness, this is just going to be fun,” said treasure seeker Cathy Taylor. “I've spent $45 on dumber stuff and you know what, why not have some fun? How often can you go on a treasure hunt in your city?”

“We think we're on to something but every time we think you're on to something, you second guess what the other clues about, so this makes it totally tough,” said fellow treasure hunter Carrie Glass.

In addition to the clues, the Gold Hunt team reminded hunters to adhere to some important rules as well.

“Definitely don't go digging, don't go running through forests, no trespassing,” said Mitchell. “It's not in someone's property.It's in an open environment where you can safely find it.”

Similar treasure hunts are also taking place in Calgary and Vancouver.

With files from Amanda Anderson