EDMONTON -- Edmonton police are reminding you to safeguard your details and verify any communication from financial institutions after receiving 377 reports of phone-based mass marketing scams that they say have bilked victims for nearly $4 million. 

Police described one such call where a woman received a call ostensibly from her bank saying her credit card had been compromised and she owed $1,100. The woman provided her banking information but was tipped off when the caller asked her to purchase $900 in Google Play gift cards to settle her balance. The caller also tried to arrange a meeting at Kingsway Mall to get the cards. 

Police say the woman did the right thing when she contacted her bank to confirm the balance, only to be told it was a scam.

“All month we have been asking citizens to take that extra pause when they are unsure about a phone call, text or email, or social media request for personal or financial information,” said Det. Linda Herczeg.

“In that pause, you allow yourself to see the red flags. Trust your gut and question these suspicious requests.”

Police say the scam was notable as it involved a local fraudster. They're reminding everyone to not provide financial information over the phone and to check with your bank or credit card company if someone calls or emails seeking money.