Everyone in Viking is talking Monday about the new resident who appeared briefly, kicked up a storm and then disappeared for good in a span of a few minutes.

A skinny, white twister touched down briefly Sunday afternoon just south of Viking, Alta., after a strong thunderstorm pummelled the region.

Donna Brook was playing baseball at a local field around 3:30 p.m. when their game was postponed due to lightning.

Despite the ominous weather, about 75 players stuck around to watch the twister.

"It's the first one I think I've seen," Donna Brooke said.

Ellen Arndt grabbed her camera after she first spotted the small funnel cloud. She said she was fascinated by the twister and couldn't help but keep rolling.

"(I was) excited," she said. "I never thought until after that maybe we shouldn't be standing in the yard."

The tornado only touched down for a few minutes, but it was enough to cause some damage to neighbouring properties.

The funnel cloud uprooted several trees, damaged a fence and completely blew apart a shed.

The wild weather was the talk of the town among many at a local caf� Monday.

"When it was on the ground it was as wide at the bottom as it was at the top," Brooke said. "It was interesting."

Meanwhile, the Arndt family spent some time Monday to enjoy the nicer weather with some water works.

"It was nice to see," Arndt said. "Chances like that aren't very often and I hope they aren't very often again."

With files from Rob McAnally