The Farm Animal Rescue and Re-Homing Movement (FARRM) believe it was luck that brought two young four-legged friends together to help each other navigate life without sight.

Daisy the goat hasn’t had the easiest start in life. Shortly after being born on a slaughter farm, she was viciously attacked by birds.

“She had a run in with some crows and they managed to take her eyes, and most of her tongue,” FARRM owner, operator and president Melissa Foley said.

The attack left her blind, and her owners brought her to the FARRM animal sanctuary east of Wetaskawin. Foley said she arrived last week, traumatized and covered in lice.

“She was always trying to comfort herself – kind of wrap herself up into a little snuggly blanket,” Foley said.

Then Daisy met Merlin the lamb.


Merlin had been at the sanctuary for just over a month. Until now, interacting with other animals had been challenging because he is blind too. Foley said it has been hard “to get him hooked up with someone, and be at his level and show him around.”

Merlin and Daisy are a match made in farm animal heaven.

“It works perfectly because they're both slow as you go and just want to hang out,” Foley said.

The duo share their new home with other troubled animals, from horses to chickens, roosters and pot belly pigs. The organization has helped rescue or rehome over 400 farm animals in the nearly five years they’ve been running.

Foley believes fate brought Merlin and Daisy together.

“Being attacked by the crows when she was younger saved her life, because she’s here with us now,” Foley said.