It appears the Katz Group is in in a battle with some cyclists in Edmonton’s downtown core, as it appears the company has left warnings on some bicycles, warning to cut the locks and remove the bikes if riders don’t use designated bike racks on private property – but the company may have overstepped boundaries.

The boundaries are being questioned, after a note surfaced on Twitter – it was tweeted by a cyclist who had locked her bike up to a signpost next to the Edmonton Tower downtown.

The note, left on her bike, said it had been parked on private property, and the company had recorded an image of it.

“If your bike is found to be secured to anything other than a bike rack…the lock will be cut and your bike removed by security.”

The note also had the Katz Group logo on it.

CTV News has also learned of a second cyclist who received the same note, he would not appear on camera, but he said he was openly frustrated by what happened, calling the whole situation: “Unbelievable”.

The Katz Group owns the Edmonton Tower, the City of Edmonton is a tenant – but rules on the City of Edmonton website state bikes can be locked up to any City of Edmonton sign post.

In the case that surfaced on Twitter, the bike was secured to the post of a city sign, on a public sidewalk – where the Katz Group has no jurisdiction.

“It is a city sidewalk, we’re actually working with Katz Group to address that, and address the note,” Olga Messinis with the City of Edmonton said.

It isn’t clear how many notes have been distributed, or if any bikes have been confiscated.

“I’ve even seen people riding away with the tags attached to their bikes,” downtown bike courier Calvin Bowers said.

Bowers said more bike racks are needed in the area, but said the messaging goes too far.

“Destroying someone’s property, cutting the lock and removing the bicycle, I feel is quite unjust.”

The Katz Group did not respond to requests for comment.

With files from Dan Grummett